2023 3rd International Conference on Innovation Design and Digital Technology (ICIDDT 2023)




Jiangsu University School of Arts was built by combining the Department of Art Design, Industrial Design in the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and the Department of Fine Arts in the former Zhenjiang Teachers College in January, 2002. The former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology opened the specialty professional of Art Design in 1991 and undergraduate of Industrial Design in 1993. In 1999, the graduate of Art Design began to recruit students. The former Zhenjiang Teachers College began to recruit the specialty professional of Fine Arts (Art Education) in 1985 and the graduate of Fine Arts(Normal) in 1999. In 2002, the graduate of Animation began to recruit students. 

The building area of our college is 1300 square meters with a beautiful environment. The college adheres to the principle of student-oriented, the center of teaching, the leader of the scientific research, the starting point of system construction, the protection of the construction of CPC to constantly deepen the reform of education and teaching, strengthen the construction of discipline, professional and teaching staff. Under the joint efforts from the leaders and all the teachers, staffs and students, the cause of our college has been making new progress. A progressive and positive atmosphere has been formed. 

The college has the existing staff of 93 people, including 5 professors, 22 associate professors and 73 full-time teachers. There are 12 people of doctor’s degree, 46 of master’s degree. 7 people are PhD candidates. Now the college owns eight undergraduate majors like Industrial Design, Product Design, Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Digital Media Art, Animation and Public Art Design, with the degree authorization of a master’s degree in Fine Arts and a degree in Industrial Design engineering. There are seven departments in our college such as the Department of Industrial Design, the Department of Animation, the Department of Environment Art, the Department of Visual Communication System, the Department of Decoration, the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Public Basic Teaching with a center laboratory of Art Design and a library branch. There are also some institutions of scientific research such as Jiangsu University Industrial Design Center (Jiangsu Province Industrial Design Center), Industrial Design Institute, Art Design and Design Institute, Institute of Fine Arts, Institute of Folk Art, Animation Research Institute, Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute and so on.

The college has the existing full-time students of 1192 people, including 1103 undergraduates and 89 graduates. Graduate students are all over the nation and different cities in our province. They have been working in government agencies, companies, press publication, culture, institutes of education and scientific research and various schools. Many of the graduates have become the backbone of the design industry, the excellent worker of art education. Besides, many have started the entrepreneurship and certain social effects have been made in society. Others have made great achievements in national and international professional competitions, which have devoted contributions to the cause of art education in China.

In recent years, the college published more than 40 monographs and albums and 300 papers in the national authority journals and core journals, has been approved more ten items of the national and provincial subjects, achieved the 3rd Prize of Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science for four times and many national patent results. Thousands of art pieces participated in provincial and national art exhibitions like Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international exhibitions like in the United States, France, Japan, Finland, Australia, Sweden, and Turkey. Many art works participated and won the prizes in some professional exhibition competitions such as Fine Art Exhibitions of China Art Association and China Art festivals. Our students won the 1st prize of four items and 2nd prize of three items in the National College Students Advertising Art Competition for four consecutive years. The 1st prize of one item and the 2nd prize of three items were achieved in the National Grand Prix ‘Nanjing Youth Olympics Games’ thematic competition. The Special Audience Award, the Gold Award of two items, the Silver Award of two items were achieved in the China University Students Advertising Arts Festival. The Best Design Award, the 1st prize of nine items and the 2nd price of 22 items were achieved in China Packaging Creative Design Competition. Our students won the 2nd prize of one item in the National College Students Environmental Protection Creative Contest, the 2nd prize of two items in National University Students Industrial Design Competition, the 1st prize of two items in China Automotive Design Competition ‘Dot Award’, the Silver Prize in China Forestry Product Design Competition were achieved, the ‘Best Editing Award’ in the Chinese College Students DV Culture and Arts Festival and the Silver Award in Hainan International Dgital Creative and Industrial Design Competition. In the National Aesthetic Education Exhibition, our college won the ‘National Art Aesthetic Education Advanced Unit’, ‘Art Aesthetic Education Teaching Achievement Award’, the Special Award of two items and the 1st prize of 25 items. There were 2nd prize of two items in the National University of Integrity Culture Contest hosted by the Ministry of Education. One teacher was named after ‘the Top Ten in National Teachers’. The college has won the Excellent Organization Award in national competitions and exhibitions for many times. The quality of personnel training has continued being improved and the good social benefits and professional visibility has been achieved.